May’s  Meeting Slightly Different
A change for the May meeting. We will be keeping to tradition and doing the AGM, however we will be splitting the meeting in two halves, first will be AGM, the 2nd we are looking at setting up a youth section of the RA, we are fortunate enough to have Natasha Wilson attending from the national youth council and the Rotherham RA. This is a must night once again, and a great way for our younger members to get involved.
May 21st , Carlton Club, Gleadless 7.30pm start

April Meeting

Paul Fields attended the April meeting and he answered a very important question

What does the RA do for me?
We went through many many benefits, free legal cover for your car, normally charged by insurance companies more than the cost of membership.
incentive scheme, almost free kit each season, if you do require a full new kit, the incentive scheme allows money off.
Training, access to training and support mechanism, question does training and support help you in refereeing.

This Season Honours list:

FA Cup Final

4th Official : Craig Pawson
Asst referee: Darren England (Barnsley RA)

League Cup

4th Official: Craig Pawson

Sheffield & Hallamhire CFA Sunday Senior Cup Final

Referee: David Evans (Sheffield)
Assistant Referee: Greg Roberts (Sheffield)

Sheffield & Hallamhire CFA Senior Cup Final

Referee: Anthony Tankard (Sheffield)

Sheffield & Hallamhire CFA Association Cup Final
Assistant Referee: Mehdi Najefi (Sheffield)

Sheffield & Hallamhire CFA Junior Cup Final
4th Official: Antony Tierney (Sheffield)

Wragg O45’s
Referee : Pete Henger
Asst referee: Stacey Hall

Sheffield and Hallamshire Girls County league

Referee: Pete Henger
Asst Ref: Stacey Hall / Dave March

Meadowhall U21’s 
Referee: Dave Fields
Asst Referee: Stacey Hall / Ben Shirt-Clarkson

DB Sports U18’s cup
Referee: Dave Fields

Blades Super Draw
Referee: Paul Matthewson

Numerous other Finals we don’t yet have, other RA members from Rotherham, include Natasha Wilson the Womens County Cup, this number continues to mount.

If  I’ve missed you off from a final please get in touch and I will happily add to the website.

Why become a member of the RA, its because you want to invest time into your reffing career and do as well as you can.



New April Edition of Benchmark BENCHMARK April 2015 Issue No 60

FF CAMP 3 Footballing camp at Balby Carr

The meeting 19th March was supposed to have guest speaker Mark Halsey until the National RA stepped in. Sheffield RA are happy to share correspondence with you:

Sheffield RA 200315 feel free to download

Sheffield RA Meeting 19th March 7.30pm Carlton Club, Gleadless, agenda below if you want to join us

Thursday will be slightly different but as always extremely beneficial to all those active referee’s.

We have two amazing Scenarios of what would you do? These both happened on recent games and will test your knowledge on Laws of the game, one of them could prove more controversial than sending off an U11 player for handball.

Training/ Mentoring :  Referee Development Programme/ Mentors / Coaches and promotion. Improving standards

Assessments: you may or may not be aware but assessing is changing, L7-6 and L6-5 we will look at this and for L5-4 we will look at the difference ½ mark can make.

We will then be enjoying an open forum discussion:

Crowding round the referee: are our top referees letting down grassroots football?
National FA recently reduced a 5 year ban on a player who assaulted a local Sheffield referee by half. Should they be more supportive towards grassroots referees and a County FA’s judgement?

Everyone’s views are welcome so please come along and enjoy the evening, no doubt it will be lively at times.


Sheffield RA Meeting 19th February, agenda below if you want to join us, looking at the whole game system and misconduct report writing.

We will meet Jack Matthews from County Fa and then an open forum with the following question:

What can your County FA do for you?

1. RA Business

2. James Bell Whole Game System

3. Brian Coddington Report Writing

4. Jack Matthews County FA
5. Open Forum


Thanks for everyone who attended the January meeting, an absolutely unbeleivable evening. Everyones contribution was welcome on so many subjects.
The big question about the Under 11 was a great debate, the outcome which was to read the Laws of the game and the player was to be dismissed from the field of play. Law 18 common sense was spoken about, however a referees job is to administer the laws of the game.

This is something which makes being a referee so hard and why the up most respect should be shown to any one willing to do this.
So with the answer to the U11 question so clear, a 2nd question was offered:

“Deep into stoppage time a goalkeeper races off his line to deny a player. In doing so, he injures his knee, which leaves him crumpled on the floor.

That did not deter the winger as he crosses the ball from the right flank towards a waiting striker. It was a difficult chance to convert, but one that the striker could well have acrobatically taken advantage of. Instead, he catches the ball to allow the keeper to receive medical attention.

Do you book him for deliberate handball?

Its why we love football……


The debate, if an U11 defender saves the ball with his hand on the line do you send him off?

Most referees are self taught, they do the course , pass the test then what? Off you go to referee not knowing if your right or wrong.

Our next month’s meeting we want to discuss tips to help improve your game, things you may never realised were easier to do and gave you more credibility and control.
The junior leagues are increasing in the number of referees officiating, some want to make the next step others are happy with youth football. If like me when you step over that white line you want to be the best you can and allow the players to enjoy the game then this training evening will be great for you. Ideal for all referees in particular L9,8,7 and 6
As a registered referee you are an associate member of the RA so you are more than welcome to attend, you can sit and listen or contribute with your experience, so The debate, if an U11 defender saves the ball with his hand on the line do you send him off?


We are looking at

1. CorrespondencePromotion

  1. Handballs (Discussion)
  2. Foul throws (Discussion)
  3. Cautions / Sendings off (Discussion)
  4. Communication on / off the pitch
  5. Positioning / credibility
  6. Body Language
  7. Club Assistants (Discussion)
  8. Anything else that is brought up on the night


The aim is to create better equipped referees on Sat / Sun mornings.


The meeting starts 7.30pm January 15th
896 Gleadless Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S12 2QF


If you can let me know at simon@sheffieldra.co.uk if your attending then that will be great, we may just put some food on.

Congratulations to Sheffield RA member Craig Pawson on making it onto the FIFA listing.

Well done from all of the refereeing community. 

Training Night : Your road to FIFA begins

January 15th is the Sheffield RA training night and if your serious about refereeing and progressing this is the night for you. If you want to get a few less comments when refereeing this is the night for you. In fact if your a qualified referee or looking to be a referee this is your night.
Whats the pathway from junior leagues to the premiership?
Whats handball and what isn’t?
What are the best angles?

So many more questions.
Its worth coming January 15th 2015
Carlton Club, Gleadless 7.30pm Start

Great to see you there

 The Sheffield and District Referees Association 

President         John Abey 

Chairman         Paul Cooper 

Dear Colleagues

It is with great honour that I write to you as Chairman of this distinguished Association.

May I offer my congratulations to all our members who have gained a promotion during the current season and received honours games for your excellence and dedication? For next season I ask that you don’t forget to train during the summer and wish you all success in the objectives you set yourself in your refereeing path. Remember to set yourself a realistic target.

At this point I would like us to take a moment to remember our refereeing colleagues who we have lost this year. Never a year goes by without us losing a member who has made a significant contribution to our membership and association.

Please also remember to spend some quality time with your families, in between watching the World Cup. On your behalf this association has written to Howard Webb and his team to congratulate them being selected for the tournament. Howard has agreed to come to speak to us at our September 2014 meeting.

We are also pleased that Craig Pawson has accepted our invitation to become an Honorary Vice President. We look forward to his continued support in the future.

For 2013 / 14 we have had some excellent training evenings supported by video analysis which has caused great debate in the room and some excellent banter. I wish to thank Simon Hall for his continued support in making these evenings a success. I would also like to thank our guest speakers for giving up their time to come and speak to us.

Your committee will be busy during the summer making arrangements for the new season’s meetings, which will continue to be held at the Carlton Sports Club, 896 Gleadless Road, Sheffield, S12 2QF subject to the member’s approval. The meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month, except for December when we bring the meeting forward by one week. Meetings start at 7:30. I would also like thank the committee for their dedication in support of our members.

As this great association moves forward we are reminded of the referee’s motto, “Service before self”. Without you, our members, we would not have an association. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions as to how we can improve this association and our meetings then please do not hesitate to contact me by one of the above methods.

Please remember to rejoin the RA tonight and encourage as many of your colleagues to do so as well. With you onboard our association and home membership will remain strong.

With determination, commitment and a bit of luck I am sure we will all meet our targets for the 2014/11 season.

Yours in sport

Paul Cooper

On behalf of Sheffield & District Referees Association  Chairmans letter 2014


Previous News

Development evenings have been well received, covering body language, flagging techniques, off sides.

We have received great advice from the best, premiership referees and assistants.
RA members will receive huge discounts or even get the brand new referee kit for Free.

Sheffield RA also came 4th in the county Quiz.(out of 4)

Another hugely successful Golf Day, (This years event is in August )

Plus we have a new honorary vice president in premiership referee Craig Pawson

Premiership Referee recently at Aprils meeting


21st August 2014 The first meeting of the new season

Sheffield RA meet the third Thursday of the month