Next Meeting

August 20th is the next Meeting of the Sheffield RA

Training: The amended offside Law
+ other Law changes for the new season

Sunday appointments: The Sunday league referee secretary’s will be attending the meeting and we will be discussing referee appointments for the Sunday Leagues

The meeting starts at 7.30pm Carlton, Club, Gleadless


It is with deepest regret I post regarding the passing of Brian Bradley yesterday. Brian was involved in an accident on the M1 Thursday and both he and his wife Judith died. Brian was a huge character in football at grassroots, county senior and journalism. Sheffield RA passes their deepest sympathy to the families of Brian and Judith.

brian bradley

Brian Bradley RIP


Mentor Weekend Huge Success

Weekend 27th/28th June saw the Sheffield RA weekend mentoring referees L7 or below, some hadn’t reffed before. Sheffield RA would like to thank Billy Sharpe for allowing us to do this week at his annual tournament in aid of the LJS Foundation.

The Sheffield RA mentors turned up and we were ready to go. The aim of the weekend was basics and creating good habits and lots of encouragement.

referees billy sharpe Mentors Billy Sharpe

The referees were watched during the games and given development points. One of the main points over the weekend was communication and the different forms to use on the field of play, Whistle tone, body language and verbal. Over the two days you could see changes in the match officials and the confidence growing. One young official doing his first line in the final had the president of the Sheffield RA Paul Cooper mirroring and talking to him.
We also managed on the 2nd day for contrib referees to do games while the mentees watched on observing 10/15 yard gaps between active players and the referee and demonstrating how to use your communication skills to control what unfolds in front of you. Mentors loved watching one of the young officials Aaron Hallam played an outstanding advantage in the opening 30 seconds of the 2nd day and listened to advice to “milk it” when the advantage led to a goal. Clearly Aaron had been listening at the RA meetings when this has been discussed.
All the match officials did a final either as referee or as asst refs and each one did themselves and the County FA proud.

Sheffield RA are proud to be associated with the LJS Charity and look forward to this relationship continuing.

Next mentor events will  be October, these will be games in the Sheffield and Hallamshire Girls league and on the Sheffield and Hallamashire Boys league , , we will then be looking to supply all officials from Sheffield RA for the School Cup finals at Warminster Rd at the end of the season. To find out more you can contact Simon Hall or come and discuss at either the August Meeting or September meeting.

Greg Roberts Young Referee of the year receiving his award from incoming chairman Simon Hall.
Stuart Hague Receives his award for valued contribution to the Referee Association

Greg Roberts Young Referee of the Year


June 1st Graves Park
Pre-Season Fitness Training 6.30pm Start, Cost £1 (Meet at the Football /Cricket Pavilion)

Sheffield RA Fitness Training

Get fit to referee don’t referee to get fit (everyone welcome)


June 27th / 28th
First Sheffield RA development / mentoring weekend for new “ish” referees (in competitive games)

Sheffield RA have planned two development days next month, 27th and 28th June. This has been arranged in conjunction with the Billy Sharp annual tournament to raise funds in memory of BJS foundation.
Age groups over the weekend will be U10 ,11, 12 and 13 which is ideal for referees to receive some mentoring / coaching from experienced officials from the Sheffield RA. They will also get the chance to watch an experienced official and look at things they do and discuss what they have seen. A great way to develop your whole round game.

If you know of some new “ish” officials who are looking at going up the development ladder please ask them to email me with contact details.
This is a mini tournament so will be competitive, being for charity it is about donating time for free with the added bonus of early development and advice.
The next 3 development days are currently being worked on, and will be announced nearer the new season starting.

Feel free to forward to anyone you think will be interested.

Sheffield RA are working with http://www.ljsfoundation.org.uk/ for this special weekend