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New membership Now Open for the 2019 / 20 Season
Newly Qualified Referees Membership is FREE and includes all the benefitsAdult Membership is £22 and Junior is £10
From September the Sheffield RA will have access to the best Mentor schemes in the country for referees.

Sheffield RA Mentor Scheme

Thursday 19th September

The Sheffield RA mentor scheme has been a highlight for a few years and now we want to take it to a whole new level and be the first to launch an online mentor scheme like no other. Our referees will have a chance to be part of something special, with a full monitoring and tracking system increasing referee knowledge and skill set, with online tuition to follow regards decision making.

A chance to access referee masterclasses and tuition.

The platform is government-backed and Sheffield RA has access for all our members.

Full demonstration on the night and everyone welcome.
7.30pm start, Carlton Club, Gleadless

A priceless opportunity, you will get out what you put in.


October 17th Meeting

Amazing guest speaker Jon Moss will be joining us 7.30pm Carlton Club Gleadless., Jon Moss gives an amazing presentation and its pricelessly funny.

It’s not be missed and open to everyone.

Mentoring and Elite Match Officials, joining the Sheffield RA is priceless for your future development

New Laws and Sin Bins

Thursday 15th Aug 2019 7.30pm start is the opening meeting for the new season and in tradition, we will be starting with the new laws, covering all aspects and taking questions. If you haven’t had a chance to practice pre-season with the new laws or if you have questions you are more than welcome. Teams, managers, players all invited.

SIN BINS to make sure everyone is ready we will answer any questions on SIN BINS ready for the new season. IF you are unsure of anything its what the Sheffield RA is here for we have an open door policy.

Everyone attending on Thursday night will get free access to online training for the new laws and Sin Bin training.

Members benefit from the mentor scheme so if you haven’t yet joined please feel free you can join here MEMBERSHIP.
The mentoring scheme has blended learning online, phone and match day. The new scheme is up and running and the new platform which Sheffield RA is the first to receive access in the country goes live in September. This will be presented at the September Meeting. The platform will make the mentor scheme the best, but you only get out what you put in.

October meeting will be guest Speaker Premier League referee Jon Moss
Undoubtedly one of the best guest speakers, his wit and stories are a great evening.

NEXT MEETING IS Thursday 15th August 2019 7.30pm start

Law Changes 2019 / 20 Season
Sin Bin Discussion
Any questions for the new season

Carlton Club, Gleadless, Sheffield

Important Fitness News

You may be interested in this for yourself, or you may know refereeing colleagues who would benefit.  Please circulate.

As the football season draws to a close, the active refereeing fraternity turns its thoughts to the forthcoming fitness tests.  For some it’s straightforward, for others it’s the annual concern of “Will I pass”, “Is my training correct” and other such questions.  I can help.

For around 15 summers (I have lost count to be honest), I have assisted
refereeing colleagues in their fitness test preparation and also worked
through a close season training programme once their tests have been
completed.  This was always on an informal basis, however over the Autumn
and Winter I have gained formal qualifications in this area and now feel
fully prepared to offer my services on a professional level via a ‘Referee
Fitness Summer Academy’.  No, it won’t cost the earth; No, I can’t guarantee
that anyone who attends will pass (you still have to do the work); Yes, I
can guarantee the best possible advice in terms of what you need to do to
give you the best possible chance of passing your test and then preparing
for season 2019/20.

So, if you are interested in this, and live/work in the Yorkshire/Derbyshire
area (which is where the sessions will be held), for a one-off fee of £99
(which can be paid in 3 x £33 stages), for 8 weeks from now until Mid-July
you will receive:

*       Unlimited attendance to Monday,  Wednesday & Friday track-based
training sessions, starting Monday 13th May (the times and venues of these
sessions will vary week to week, but will be announced in good time)
*       Unlimited attendance to Thursday evening indoor training sessions,
starting this Thursday 16th May
*       A 60 minute 1-2-1 personal training session
*       Mock fitness tests for PGMO /  Level 3 / Level 4
*       Individual training plans
*       Peer support from the other group members
*       Nutritional advice
*       Unlimited email and telephone support

(The only other expense you may incur is a fee to use the tracks).

This information is located at Referee Summer Fitness Academy

Please do not hesitate to make contact if you have any questions, and please
forward this email to others who you think would benefit.

If you wish to join this Academy, or know others who may be interested,
please call or email me back and I’ll send you all the details re dates /
venues, etc.

Andy Hogg – “Fitness For All”

Mobile:         07785 536261

Email :           hoggyref@gmail.com

Twitter:           @hoggyref

Facebook:     FFA – Fitness for All

<http://www.dontshoottheref.co.uk/fitness> Click Here to Begin Your Fitness


Every Thursday at 6.00pm
896 Gleadless Rd, Sheffield S12 2QFThe fitness session is great and everyone is welcome. Referees, players, managers, friends, partners everyone.Each session is run by former FIFA match official Andy Hogg 


We had a great meeting on 21st September 7.30pm at Carlton Club, Gleadless will be 10 points to match control, all pointers are relevant but whats the most important? This training event is one of the best sessions on show at the RA conference in July this year. The training session will last about 60 minutes but will add so much to your game.

This is an open event for members, family and friends of football. #lovefootball

Summer of Referee Development

Its been a busy summer of referee development and mentoring for Sheffield Referees Association.
3 fitness sessions a week, 2 on Mondays, one covering core fitness and the other covering cardio, on Thursdays we’ve worked on cardio getting referees ready for fitness tests and ready for the new season.
We’ve had a trip to Wembley to watch the non league finals day, watching the officials and two great games of football. Our mentoring weekend with Billy Sharp on behalf of the LJS Foundation was a huge success, with referees getting guidance from senior county officials to football league officials.
We went to RA conference and was took part in workshops covering advantage, match control and social media. We also received a behind the scenes look at VAR, this was really good and informative and laid to rest a few myths.

The final mentoring day was the Handsworth 6’s girls tournament where we got to work with some new officials and those just getting ready to start their career. We would like to thank both Handsworth and Billy Sharp for working with Sheffield RA raising standards of our up and coming officials.

Our next work will be working with officials as assistant referees pre-season with our friends at Sheffield FC Ladies who work with us annually.

Referee Development

We pride ourselves on referee development and welcome anyone into our mentor programme. We have various levels of mentors available for mentee’s. All referees when passing their referee exam will benefit from someone watching, guiding and advising. The RA has so many officials at the top levels of the game and they got their with the help of higher level officials on the way to the top.

You may just want to improve your game, we are here to help, to give you help and advice when you need it. Don’t rely on pundits on TV or non qualified “experts” to guide you. They are wrong on more occasions than they are right.


Membership Benefits

Mentoring – Sheffield RA offer mentoring 1:1 and Mentor days
with local clubs
Membership of your local Society
Monthly meetings which includes great speakers, training,
friendship and camaraderie Full support together with advice
and guidance to help and assist in your development and
Local and National Newsletters and magazines
Entrance to the National Conference Day Event RA-FA Events
Refereeing Kit and Equipment At discounted prices

Plus Invisible Benefits

Personal insurance when officiating or attending
refereeing business
Equipment insurance
Driver Assist Legal Cover Representation at the County FA Council
Advice & support if ever assaulted
Advice & support if charged with disciplinary offence
Advise & support if suspended
RA Representation on the FA Referees’ Committee
RA Representation on the FA Council
RA Service Awards
RA Benevolent Fund

More Details and joining details