Developing and educating referees for over 100 years
From Grassroots to the World Cup Final

Help to be the best

Throughout my career The Referees’ Association has been a constant source of advice, guidance and support.
Membership of The RA has been an essential part of my development and I struggle to see how any aspiring referee can achieve their goals without the support offered by The RA.

Howard Webb, FIFA World Cup Final Referee

Support For Everyone!

I have been a member of The Referees’ Association since my refereeing began in 1999. Being a member has so many different benefits; the opportunity to attend meetings with colleagues and learn from their experiences, a sounding board to ask questions of more experienced referees, the training sessions and guest speakers at branch meetings, not to mention the protection and legal assistance of the RA should it ever be needed. In my opinion, being a member of The Referees’ Association gives any referee a greater chance of success and enjoyment.

Michael Oliver, FIFA & Premier League Referee

Mentoring and Development

Mentoring is Key to progression, without help and support how do you know what you are doing is correct?

Who do you speak to when you need to clarify a situation? We love football because every game is different and it tests you repeatedly on your positioning, your laws of the game knowledge, the latest changes, how best to differentiate between hand to ball, ball to hand and when things haven’t gone right and you want to chuck your bag in the corner, speak to someone.

Sheffield Referee Association runs a mentoring programme which starts with membership, the first mentor you get is a whole room of experience at each and every meeting, anyone willing to offer, help and support regarding any scenario. Members consist of current Premier league referee, to football league assistants all the way to grassroots officials who know teams and leagues like nothing else.

The second mentor you receive is on request, someone to work one to one with, at the end of the phone to discuss situations immediately.  They can guide you to promotion to the stage where you get an FA appointed coach, or they can just be there when you need them.

The top elite officials cannot be wrong the importance of the RA and mentoring within their career.

Training nights are open to all officials even if you’re not a full member you are completely welcome. We also run outdoor training events throughout the year where you will be mentored and helped through games. Help with advice and guidance to improve your all-round game.

Sheffield RA are here to help and we are happy to help in any way possible.